Top 5 Mods Full Week! in Whitty, Hex, Tricky, Miku & Sarvente - Friday Night Funkin Mod #1

28 mar 2021
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This mod is cool, Excellent Full Week... Whitty, Hex, Tricky, Hatsune Miku & Sarvente become Boss?
All Week using bot
Sorry, i got copyright music just miku...
FNFBot made this by Kade Developer
This mod is the inspiration for the Full Week Series
Friday Night Funkin' #4 (Hard Mode)
(Link Mod)
1. Whitty Full Week
2. Hex Full Week
3. Tricky Full Week
4. Hatsune Miku Full Week
5. Sarvente Full Week
00:00​ Info
00:10​ Phase 1 Whitty - Lo Fight
02:27 Phase 2 Whitty - Overhead
04:56​ Phase 3 Whitty - Ballistic
08:08​ Phase 1 Hex - Dunk
11:56​ Phase 2 Hex - Ram
14:33​ Phase 3 Hex - Hello World
17:17 Phase 4 Hex - Glitcher
21:18 Phase 1 Tricky - Improbable Outset
23:25​ Phase 2 Tricky - Madness
26:27​ Phase 1 Miku - Popipo
28:12 Phase 2 Miku - Aishite
30:05 Phase 3 Miku - Siu
32:24​ Phase 4 Miku - Disappearance
34:16​ Phase 1 Sarvente - Parish
36:27 Phase 2 Sarvente - Worship
38:46 Phase 3 Sarvente - Zavodila
42:02​ Phase 4 Sarvente - Gospel
45:41 Outro
#FNF #FridayNightFunkin

  • i'm sorry. only miku got copyright music Phase 1-4

    Helios WhitestarHelios WhitestarHace 20 días
    • Dang it

      Puchii LopezPuchii LopezHace 8 días
    • its ok

      dimas prastiodimas prastioHace 8 días
    • F

      CatNip PlaysCatNip PlaysHace 8 días
    • Okay not sorry for the música popipo

      melany gomezmelany gomezHace 8 días
    • I am a fan I love your videos

      Lariah LariahLariah LariahHace 13 días
  • Ruv is just Casually screaming into the mike He won't break my legs but he will break my ear drums.

    Oscar RentonOscar RentonHace 2 minutos
  • Miku was like: a'ight Imma head out

    Wartortle WartotleWartortle WartotleHace 5 minutos
  • Hex is not hard in my opinion.

    bdvfew2313bdvfew2313Hace 11 minutos
  • Why Miku doesn't have music on the 1-st and 2-nd phase?

    Timofey Shegol`ovTimofey Shegol`ovHace 12 minutos
  • ruv so lound he shakes the building

    xXMintyXxxXMintyXxHace 19 minutos
  • Po- ...

    Electric Vlogs 3.0Electric Vlogs 3.0Hace 20 minutos
  • Me: bot!! Also me: but pro

    milo espinoza Palaciosmilo espinoza PalaciosHace 21 un minuto
  • These need to be canonical

    Mine BastMine BastHace 28 minutos
  • Ddaaaswwsssdsdsdsawswdasdaddswasdwsdawsdawwdasdwswsdaswdawsadawsdssaadawdsswdadsawsae

    Skid and PumpSkid and PumpHace 33 minutos
  • аймар

    Enkhjargal BatsukhEnkhjargal BatsukhHace 42 minutos
  • WoW

    Hamadan GamrHamadan GamrHace 43 minutos
  • Good

    Hamadan GamrHamadan GamrHace 43 minutos
  • Ruv sounds like a broken electric guitar.

    Nathan HiggNathan HiggHace 46 minutos
  • Gf is scary on whitty and ruv

    Violet DoragosViolet DoragosHace 50 minutos
  • Phase 3 Whitty se jugó en la dificultad más fácil

    Wither GamerWither GamerHace 55 minutos
  • Bf ringtone: 32:36

    MT_MT_Hace un hora
  • I like how the bf is just singing to himself for miku mod

    MikeMikeHace un hora
  • wow I wanted to play this mode but I don't even have a PC 😭

  • Fun fuct: in Ballistic Keith sings 804 notes

    Артур ЛабикАртур ЛабикHace un hora
  • 👍

    엑스트라나나엑스트라나나Hace un hora
  • *Silent Miku intensifies*

    Juni CrazytigerJuni CrazytigerHace un hora
  • oh my god is god fridayfunkin 😲😲😱😱😱

    นาส แฟนบอสนาส แฟนบอสHace un hora
  • Tricky voice is very like my bro voice when he mads at me 🙃🙃

    •Ghost'e••Ghost'e•Hace un hora
  • My love willy ☻😤❤

    munu_lobinha _lealmunu_lobinha _lealHace un hora
  • Hex song feel good

    zaz_cupu malaysiazaz_cupu malaysiaHace un hora

    Sebastian GaliciaSebastian GaliciaHace un hora
    • And keep it up youtuber😊🖒

      Sebastian GaliciaSebastian GaliciaHace un hora
  • 12:37 Hexs bar icon looks cute when it’s happy and sad

    Inferno BrightonInferno BrightonHace 2 horas
  • 11:56 RTX ON.

    NusaFly002NusaFly002Hace 2 horas
  • i feel personally that hex is the best mod, and in my opinion heres how they should be rated 1. hex hex has a lot of cutscenes that have drawings in them, plus dialogue and really enjoyable songs. 2. whitty the songs are nice and challenging, plus the music is good in it 4. tricky the effects of tricky shaking and the bakgeound as well are pleasant on the eyes 3. miku the mod is well-made but compared to the other creators that made songs themselves 4. tricky the effects of tricky shaking and the bakgeound as well are pleasant on the eyes 5. sarvente while the horrible mapping ruins the fun for me, the music is good i guess

    ace audiosace audiosHace 2 horas
  • Im sorry hex

    Anna AnnaAnna AnnaHace 2 horas
  • Nice man

    Ehaam 3185Ehaam 3185Hace 2 horas
  • Sorry hex

    Anna AnnaAnna AnnaHace 2 horas
  • no one get ponts when they fight

    South Florida Adventure SportsSouth Florida Adventure SportsHace 2 horas
  • Tricky looks like he'd be a enemy in castle crashers

    german cheesegerman cheeseHace 2 horas
  • How are you so good?

    Pinky_YT_RblxPinky_YT_RblxHace 2 horas
  • You are using hack

    محمود MDمحمود MDHace 3 horas
  • my favorate part of this episode is 18:36 - 26:23 :D

    the diraz vlogerthe diraz vlogerHace 3 horas
  • Can i just point out how Keith's eyebrows are so long

    Robloxplayer3626Robloxplayer3626Hace 3 horas
  • 45:59

    정재연정재연Hace 3 horas
  • Why in my phone miku doesnt have sounds????

    twilight nadia star sansestwilight nadia star sansesHace 3 horas
    • Read the pinned comment

      Z NadaZ NadaHace 2 horas
  • I hate virus Heavy:I think I smell shet

    Zaka HD GAMINGZaka HD GAMINGHace 3 horas
  • Ruv is so loud u cant hear him u can hear the music in the background

    the brawling meme reviewing among usthe brawling meme reviewing among usHace 4 horas
  • I can't hear Miku

    초롱빗 달초롱빗 달Hace 4 horas
  • Aishite

    • RAFAELO •• RAFAELO •Hace 4 horas
  • I heard see gentle duck over and over again on stage 3 of hex

    Joanne NanceJoanne NanceHace 4 horas
  • miku be like: Phase 1: 😀 Phase 2: 😀 Phase 3: 😐 Phase 4: 🤬

    lil - ROBLOX :Dlil - ROBLOX :DHace 4 horas
  • Eww miku is better! Fnf is not better!

  • Why Miku's voice is not hearing? I can hear BF, but Miku can't ToT

    Jeongwon LeeJeongwon LeeHace 5 horas
  • 10 Mil View 50k Subs Its Not Fair :|

    Locan TVLocan TVHace 5 horas
  • Everyne: Actually singing BF: beep bop bup bwaap Miku: **silent treatment**

    Diana :DDiana :DHace 5 horas
  • Aaaaaaaa😲😅

    عالم جني سامحعالم جني سامحHace 5 horas
  • Ahh BFalways says like this. "bib bop"

    Jeongwon LeeJeongwon LeeHace 5 horas
  • Wow u almost 100% all song so do it again

    James SenpaiJames SenpaiHace 5 horas
  • There aren't any look like you in the world

    Ghina ghGhina ghHace 5 horas
  • Sow hard

    Roselle MiñozaRoselle MiñozaHace 5 horas

    mirrynxggg Bmirrynxggg BHace 5 horas
  • but the other weeks are cool too

    Rafael's GamesRafael's GamesHace 5 horas
  • Whitty phase 1,2,3 & sarvante phase 1,2,3,4 are the coolest song i loved it :)

    Rafael's GamesRafael's GamesHace 5 horas
  • When i watch miku phase one all i hear was "po" and silence

    Fred ShadowFred ShadowHace 5 horas
  • Привет👋👍

    Маргарита КазаковаМаргарита КазаковаHace 5 horas
  • Oml.

    Mathew Remon George FouadMathew Remon George FouadHace 5 horas
  • 😍

    Настя ПандузоваНастя ПандузоваHace 5 horas
  • damn so many unfunny kids jokes in comment

    scout 0scout 0Hace 5 horas
  • Y porque la miku se muteo? 😰🤝

    Yumie_uwu cosito uwuYumie_uwu cosito uwuHace 5 horas
  • Араб

    Fearles sFearles sHace 6 horas
  • Whitty-scream-tricky pain-miku copyright

    Nala smithNala smithHace 6 horas
  • tricky phase 2 is obvi takes 1st place

    the limstrthe limstrHace 6 horas
    • remember that every fnf vid that has “perfect” in the title is them using a bot

      the limstrthe limstrHace 6 horas
  • Tricky : screams Whitty : screams Ruv : screams Hex : screams a lil bit Miku : don't say anything becouse copyright music

    KociMietka420KociMietka420Hace 6 horas
  • phrase 3 miku didnt get copyrighted

    water icewater iceHace 6 horas
  • Yall ain't know whitty and ruv are cousins?

    Gacha documentryGacha documentryHace 6 horas

    Yaseen WaleedYaseen WaleedHace 6 horas
  • how did you complete whitty??

    Ha Jin YooHa Jin YooHace 7 horas
  • Everyone are gangsters until the communist starts shaking the church without a microphone

    Lukas GutiérrezLukas GutiérrezHace 7 horas
  • Zavodila is USSR?

    Нумае НутваеНумае НутваеHace 7 horas
  • To be honest hex song sound like something would make cg5

    Gi PuppetGi PuppetHace 7 horas
  • Wolsss

    مون مون عبدالرحمنمون مون عبدالرحمنHace 7 horas
  • Robot was beat 😻

    Pajek AlimiadPajek AlimiadHace 7 horas
  • How did gf get scared over whitty and Ruv but not the lemon demon, and a clown and sempai the simping ghost?

    EddixYTEddixYTHace 7 horas
  • он с авто ботом играл

    Линар КутлубаевЛинар КутлубаевHace 7 horas
    • может быть я ошибаюсь там он стучал по клавишам я хз

      Линар КутлубаевЛинар КутлубаевHace 7 horas
  • Is it just me or is Whitty one of the Fans (I saw Whitty's Bomb String)

    Nathaniel GamerNathaniel GamerHace 7 horas
  • Why miku has no sound my phone bug (phase 1)

    sans last breathsans last breathHace 7 horas
  • 19:13 I like hex glicher

    sans last breathsans last breathHace 7 horas
  • I don’t understand how you always play well , it's just that I constantly miss

    молочный саскемолочный саскеHace 7 horas
  • 0 miss

    фвы фывфвы фывHace 8 horas
  • Я один не слышу как говорит девушка из Popipo

    Игорь ЮровИгорь ЮровHace 8 horas
  • hi get rick rolled

    Kai HarrisonKai HarrisonHace 8 horas
  • 36:20 when the charting is so bad that even the bot misses it

    videogamebfvideogamebfHace 8 horas
  • Who could only hear the vocals of boyfriend on miku?

    The_winged_demonThe_winged_demonHace 8 horas
  • Why is bf like chill with ruv

    Liljana NikolovaLiljana NikolovaHace 8 horas
  • Number three is impossible

    ChibiChibiHace 8 horas
  • Miku dayo :'(

    Dead FireDead FireHace 8 horas

    Leo San MiguelLeo San MiguelHace 8 horas
  • Phase 4 (hex) he error

    rudy villianrudy villianHace 8 horas
  • I love sarventas music

    NJ Zaen OrtilanoNJ Zaen OrtilanoHace 8 horas
  • Hex 👇

    rudy villianrudy villianHace 8 horas
  • Phase 2-3 good

    rudy villianrudy villianHace 8 horas
  • Wats the game callt

    Jonny NiteJonny NiteHace 8 horas
  • sarvente do be unplayable tho

    DobriniaPlayDobriniaPlayHace 9 horas
  • All mod

    Cata ValverdeCata ValverdeHace 9 horas