T.h.e W.e.e.k.n.d - T.h.e W.e.e.k.n.d Greatest Hits Full Album

29 ene 2021
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  • Why the other artist? The point is?????????

    SekskantetjulenisseSekskantetjulenisseHace 2 días
  • Poor man's Michael Jackson, but kudos he's trying to bring the 80s back

    Ģhostrider BlazeĢhostrider BlazeHace 4 días
  • Abel 'Mr Super Cute' is VERY addictive. An amazing voice and artist. I absolutely love him. X

    deb yatesdeb yatesHace 5 días
    • Calm down ,

      Ģhostrider BlazeĢhostrider BlazeHace 4 días
  • This is bullshit! Dont promise us the Weeknd and mix in these other shit artists

    #TeamFlash#TeamFlashHace 5 días
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  • Captain Underpants Roblox PK xD

    chapis castillochapis castilloHace 12 días
  • Captain underpants the week

    chapis castillochapis castilloHace 12 días

    chapis castillochapis castilloHace 12 días
  • Wek nd HIGLIKST

    chapis castillochapis castilloHace 12 días
  • there is super good super wek nd

    chapis castillochapis castilloHace 12 días
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  • His voice and his Talent it what gets me

    Mark McCormickMark McCormickHace 13 días
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    • Not understand

      chapis castillochapis castilloHace 12 días
  • wtf is this comment section, half of the people here are bots or something

    NetherMCNetherMCHace 14 días
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  • Great songs!!....

    Ευαγγελια ΤσαπακηΕυαγγελια ΤσαπακηHace 15 días
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  • this band appears to have catered for all age groups, unlike trash from Cardi B etc.

    Dan ScardinoDan ScardinoHace 15 días
  • Love this mix but too many ads.

    Nathan Van WykNathan Van WykHace 16 días
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  • Love all his songs! He has that unique voice!! He definately deserved a Grammy for sure!!! He did a great job at the Superbowl!!! 😍🤗🎤🎙🎛🎧💿🎶🎼🎵🎶

    Christine FerreiraChristine FerreiraHace 17 días
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  • layk arab

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  • 🥵🥵🥵 Straight UP TRASH!!! Good Beats... Sold His Soul.... Too the Industry 🥶...sad...music is Runned by the New World Order.

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  • por qu8e nao dividu a musica e colou o nom de cada uma na divisao n3 tao

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  • The song weekend is a great song heard this song going to Helen back in February of this year fell in love with this song

    Mark McCormickMark McCormickHace 23 días
  • хочу эту шоколадку

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  • Amo esse cantor 👏👏👏👏👏

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  • Something like this wooowwwww wonderful Voice !!!

    Heinrich PromeislHeinrich PromeislHace 26 días
  • 完璧だ・

    椿原克美椿原克美Hace 26 días
  • 凄く言い、好きなリズムを刻んで、最高。

    椿原克美椿原克美Hace 26 días

    Karyn TamalaKaryn TamalaHace 26 días
  • Me gusta

    freddy torofreddy toroHace 26 días
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  • LOL half way through it kinds goes off the rails dont it.

    NoWon1223NoWon1223Hace 27 días
  • these songs are fire

    Kevin TorresKevin TorresHace 27 días
  • After Earned It ends around 26:11, it goes into Señorita by Camilla Cabello & Shawn Mendes & other artists follow. 😿

    Kat FishKat FishHace 27 días
    • @L M yep, the tracks will all be listed and get 'royalties' from plays, so anything not by the weeknd that folk wade through will generate money for whoever has claimed ownership of the songs.

      any other day or timeany other day or timeHace 13 días
    • I don't even think it's them but cover artists?

      Valistra RoseValistra RoseHace 16 días
    • It's a scam

      L ML MHace 23 días
    • yeah, what the F?

      L ML MHace 23 días
  • 2❤️0❤️2❤️1❤️ one of the best!!

    Edi OliverEdi OliverHace 27 días
  • Main seat Weekend

    모든 랭킹 TV All Ranking TV모든 랭킹 TV All Ranking TVHace 27 días
  • Awesome!!!

    Sue ParadiseSue ParadiseHace 28 días
  • Eksde

    liz cuevasliz cuevasHace 28 días
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  • Hey ho ji girêkên asê lê Belê Hey ho ji bendên Romï lê hey ho rinda min Hey ho ji banga derê Gïrtîgehê lêê

    nezahat baybasinnezahat baybasinHace 29 días
  • what happened half way through? it's not the weeknd anymore?

    Senyi D.C.Senyi D.C.Hace 29 días
    • Some songs sound like a woman singing instead the Weekend?

      Darlene HollandDarlene HollandHace 23 días
    • Ikrrrr!!!😤

      Salena MaharajSalena MaharajHace 24 días
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  • yes Weeknd yes

    Ant luckAnt luckHace un mes
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  • The weeknd my friend end music mi friend

    Elena Beatriz Bonilla MontanoElena Beatriz Bonilla MontanoHace un mes
  • My lover for life ❤

    Kathy SaladeenKathy SaladeenHace un mes
  • thats bullshit bro

  • wtf it said the W.E.E.K.N.D greatest hits ..then what the f*ck does someone you love is doing there

  • I love your music

  • See petsies Super Bowl

    Rosario RodriguezRosario RodriguezHace un mes