Megan Thee Stallion - Body [Official Video]

19 nov 2020
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The official video for Megan Thee Stallion's “Body” from her album ‘Good News’ - Out Now!
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A Boy In The Castle production
Director - Colin Tilley
Executive Producers - Jamee Ranta & Colin Tilley
Line Producer - Whitney Jackson
1st AD - Ev Salomon
DP - Elias Talbot
Production Designer - Wes Dogan
Choreographer - JaQuel Knight
Editor - Chris Simmons with VH Post
MTS Glam
Stylist - Brookelyn Styles
Styling Assistant - Carlos Aviles
Hair - Kellon Deryck
Make Up - Priscilla Ono
Nails - Coca Michelle
Choreographer Assistant - Darina Littleton
Choreographer Assistant - Rebbi Rosie
Dancer - Dnay Baptiste
Dancer - Ashley Seldon
Dancer - Cayla Evans
Dancer - Dominique Loude
Dancer - Taylor Terry
Dancer - Corbin Hunter
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(832) 210-1202
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Body ody
Body crazy curvy wavy big t***ies little waist x2
Look how I bodied that ate it up and gave it back
Yeah you look good but they still wanna know where Megan at
Saucy like a barbecue but you won’t get yo baby back
Seen me in that dress and he felt like he almost tasted that
Nom nom nom nom eat up 4-play okay 3 2 1
You know I’m the hottest you ain’t never gotta heat me up
I’m present when I’m absent speaking when I’m not there
All them b****es scary cats I call’em Carole Baskins
Body ody
Body crazy curvy wavy big t***ies little waist x2
Ima hot ebony they gone click it if it’s me
All my pictures been getting these n***as through the quarantine
B***h I’m very well on my s**t as you can tell
Any h*e got beef from years ago if beefing by herself
If we took a trip on a real creep tip
B***h rule number 1 is don’t repeat that s**t
Rule number 2 if they all came with you
Better know exactly what the f**k they came to do
Body ody
Body crazy curvy wavy big t***ies little waist x2
The category is body look at the way it’s sitting
That ratio so outta control that waist that a** them t***ies
If I wasn’t me I would’ve seen myself I would have bought me a drink
Took me home and did me long ate it with the panties on
I could build a house with all the brick I got
B****es spend a life time tryna get this hot
And if her head too big I can make that pop
I’m not the one to play with like a touch me not
Body ody
Body crazy curvy wavy big t***ies little waist x2
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