The Weeknd - "Scared To Live" (Live on Saturday Night Live / 2020)

8 mar 2020
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  • beautiful

    Cas BabyCas BabyHace 16 horas
  • Weeknd,can i be your yellow baby and you be my black baby.?you are awesome!!!

    Honey NTHoney NTHace un día
  • Finally a truly creative musician came to be since the start of 2000. All 3 dimensions are fully operational with this guy.

    PoliPoliHace un día
  • My goodness his song his voice ! This guy is really something !

    angie leeangie leeHace 3 días
  • This song is the most beautiful thing ever

    M MM MHace 3 días
  • almost nobody here recognises OPN there in the back lmao

    afiqul abrar okafiqul abrar okHace 4 días
  • How is this better than the recorded version?!?!

    sdg2285sdg2285Hace 5 días
  • Abel has one of the most unique and beautiful song in studio or on live.

    annarose anastacioannarose anastacioHace 6 días
  • Please keep your self together and stay healthy we need you so much

    touraneindanketouraneindankeHace 7 días
  • His voice Literally sounds heavenly! Damnn

    Kass •Kass •Hace 8 días
  • whose the piano player?

    SΛLMONSΛLMONHace 8 días
    • His name is Oneohtrix Point Never (OPN)

      Julie EndrigkeitJulie EndrigkeitHace 5 días
  • Meu amor❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Carla ReisCarla ReisHace 8 días
  • very 80,s and now at the same it

    Denny DarringtonDenny DarringtonHace 9 días
  • This song hits me so hard for some unknown reason 😭🔥

    Lorena LoureiroLorena LoureiroHace 10 días
  • 🔥💞

    ElizabethElizabethHace 11 días
  • "We fell apart, right from the start" hits me every time :(

    Lisa B.Lisa B.Hace 12 días
  • Hermosa cancion una de mis favoritas 😍😍

    vidal carpinteyrovidal carpinteyroHace 12 días
  • LOVE it

    Muscular Freddy FazbearMuscular Freddy FazbearHace 12 días
  • Best singer in the world

    zakaria chrifizakaria chrifiHace 14 días
  • Ahhh I love this & you so much!!!!!!😍😍❤🌹❤

    ShonnaShonnaHace 14 días
  • Magnifique 😍

    Fatoumata KabaFatoumata KabaHace 16 días
  • he is seriously the greatest ever

    No NameNo NameHace 16 días
  • My Spotify Daily be like 0:03

    Ronak SaxenaRonak SaxenaHace 17 días
  • Kesian tgk HIDUNG DIE 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    mrs.mommyfab 267mrs.mommyfab 267Hace 17 días
    • Tk bole blahh la each time dengar LAGU NI MESTI NK 😭😭😭😭😭😭

      mrs.mommyfab 267mrs.mommyfab 267Hace 17 días
  • Ах, красава 🌹🌹🌹💋💋💋💋💋💋

    Тамара царицаТамара царицаHace 19 días
  • i feel so lucky to live in his time. LEGEND!

    Keshav KaushalKeshav KaushalHace 19 días
  • Others people find love in their partner. But i found love in this man voice🙂 Love you abel🖤🥀

  • Kate HKate HHace 20 días
  • 💚💚

    mrs.mommyfab 267mrs.mommyfab 267Hace 21 un día
  • He’s got one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard 🥺

    Abi XxAbi XxHace 23 días
  • Gazab bc gazab

    Snehil KumarSnehil KumarHace 24 días
  • 1 year later, Im still here 🤩

    AlexxneversonAlexxneversonHace 25 días
  • Nice voice

    angela diazangela diazHace 25 días
  • So much talent !! Loving you music Abel

    Eugenia GonzalezEugenia GonzalezHace 26 días
  • I love you

    예슬예슬Hace 27 días
  • Honestly I think that at the Moment he his One of the most emotional Singer on the Earth. He his Amazing 😍

    Candy SweetCandy SweetHace 27 días
  • Can't believe it's been a year since this

    JoeyJoeyHace 27 días
  • you are the best!

    Aizirek AtantaevaAizirek AtantaevaHace 28 días
  • 2:58 MJ?

    Sebastian AguilarSebastian AguilarHace 28 días
    • Good ears.

      chyna raymondchyna raymondHace 28 días
  • If 124.744 people like it and 986 don't like it then it sure isn't the 124.744 people who have an absolute shit music taste.

    burt turdisonburt turdisonHace 29 días
  • I think, no, I know Abel is absolutely the freshest, talented , Sexy, entertainer this world has seen and heard in years, and I just love him. Thank you ! Oh yeah, I'm the soundman's wife. Check One Audio is our Sound Company if you want to hang with us your welcome to Thanks for being the cream in my coffee. Also, I want to congratulate you for being the ALL TIME best Super Bowl's Halftime Show. So Awesome you are. i

    GordonsncGordonsncHace 29 días
  • It’s been a year and this is one of his greatest performances on SNL.

    Albert AcostaAlbert AcostaHace 29 días
  • The most underrated top rateted living star !

    Kamrul HassanKamrul HassanHace un mes
  • Abel left bella traumatized for life, apologizes for it and to continue with her life This song is one of the saddest of her entire discography, at the level of The Knowing

    Josue ParedesJosue ParedesHace un mes
  • I actually can't stop watching this🥺

    Jessica AnnalisaJessica AnnalisaHace un mes
  • Absolutely amazing what this guy did this year.

    Mark TonightMark TonightHace un mes
  • Bro does NOBODY ELSE think why tf in every performance he is hurt...........

    Innovante CreativeInnovante CreativeHace un mes
  • im crying....he is so freaking talented wtfffff

    Ornella Marie EppromoOrnella Marie EppromoHace un mes
  • Esa voz vuela ,amigos ....

    Elizabeth MendezElizabeth MendezHace un mes
  • already 1 year ago!! wtf!!

    xoxoHace un mes
    • Crazyyyyy

      Rodeo TRodeo THace un mes
  • 1 year ago today, how time flies. after hours era is so iconic!

    XO LandXO LandHace un mes
    • Really insane

      Rodeo TRodeo THace un mes
  • Это просто прекрасно ✨💫

    Diyana ХаюмоваDiyana ХаюмоваHace un mes
  • One year already!

    Éverson da SilvaÉverson da SilvaHace un mes
  • I don't know why I am crying, I bawled my eyes out, I feel like he wrote this for his mom and himself, take out the word baby and replace it with mom. The father left them, now he has grown and left home.

    Absolutely RightAbsolutely RightHace un mes
  • Np Ll K9 Ppp

    Mere DooMere DooHace un mes
  • Does anyone know what brand that microphone stand is?

    LikeOrigamiLikeOrigamiHace un mes
  • Hes the best I'm crying rn I love him... His voice the best ever.

    LikeoneLikeoneHace un mes
  • Eternal love for Abel❤

    XOXOHace un mes
  • i remember how excited i was to watch this cause we got to hear a new song from after hours before it dropped

    Jacob VandersteenJacob VandersteenHace un mes
  • I love this song from my heart weekend you just make my all weeks..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Gaurav KumarGaurav KumarHace un mes
  • This song is beautiful extremely underrated

    foxclan_ officalfoxclan_ officalHace un mes
  • 🔥🔥🔥Your voice in ANGELIC! See you in HOUSTON, 2022!🔥🔥🔥

    CHARLEE N.CHARLEE N.Hace un mes
  • ❤❤❤❤🌹🌹🌹🌹

    Teresa GrolikTeresa GrolikHace un mes
  • I won't applause

    javier book shadows contributor dujavier book shadows contributor duHace un mes
  • 라이브 마쳤다 ㅠㅠㅠ 갓위켄드!

    현소연현소연Hace un mes
  • Nem preciso dizer que é um hinoooo, o próprio Abel confirmou nessa performance♥️😢

    Debora LorenaDebora LorenaHace un mes
  • Yo I swear Abel is one of the only artist who sings live and sounds as good or even better than the studio version. It blows my mind....he needs so much more credit since most artists now are ass live

    Curtis KenobiCurtis KenobiHace un mes
  • Preciosa su voz eres unico Abel! 💎

    ElizabethElizabethHace un mes
  • 💖💖❤❤😍🙏🏻🙏🏻💖💖💖

    Lydia Garcia SandovalLydia Garcia SandovalHace un mes
  • Best song ever and ever and ever ❤️

    Richard SorgerRichard SorgerHace un mes
  • F**CKing Abel A Amazing! ❤️🔥💔

    tulsi devetulsi deveHace un mes
  • ❤️

    cristina guachamincristina guachaminHace un mes
  • i love you abel💓🥺

    Nurul AfinaNurul AfinaHace un mes
  • Ist sein neues Gesicht fake oder wirklich so extrem ????

    Richard SorgerRichard SorgerHace un mes
    • @Richard Sorger Gerne :)

      Julie EndrigkeitJulie EndrigkeitHace un mes
    • @Julie Endrigkeit danke für die Info

      Richard SorgerRichard SorgerHace un mes
    • @Richard Sorger Ja, der Makeup artist heißt @prorenfx auf Instagram und hat darüber gepostet

      Julie EndrigkeitJulie EndrigkeitHace un mes
    • @Julie Endrigkeit schaut extrem echt aus

      Richard SorgerRichard SorgerHace un mes
    • @Richard Sorger Ja, er spielt eine Rolle für sein Album. Die Musikvideos zeigen wie er immer mehr verletzt wird und sein Video zu "Save Your Tears" zeigt den Schönheitswahn in Hollywood. Ist alles nur Spezial-makeup. :)

      Julie EndrigkeitJulie EndrigkeitHace un mes
  • is there any tune this fella can't make, absolutely stunning x

    Stephen EvansStephen EvansHace un mes
  • Mata nos não homem, que perfeito

    Andreia BatistaAndreia BatistaHace un mes
  • Meu Deus que voz linda o homem maravilhoso.

    Andreia BatistaAndreia BatistaHace un mes
  • The ones who have disliked the song dont know the meaning of a reallly reallly good song

    Dr StrangeDr StrangeHace un mes
  • amazing song 🔝🔝👏👏👏

    Tiago Jackson CanalTiago Jackson CanalHace un mes
  • His voice touched my soul... I have tears in my eyes and, in German we say „Gänsehaut“. Love him sooooooooo much ❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️

    Manon ReschkeManon ReschkeHace un mes
    • Such a great artist, he is perfect!

      Amarili GonzálezAmarili GonzálezHace un mes
  • i keep coming back to this

    CESSCESSHace un mes

    ElizabethElizabethHace un mes
  • Idk why i feel like these are the words of my first love coming through this song... But after all the heartbreak, i have found myself... finally.

    Santia JSantia JHace un mes
  • This song doesn’t get talked about enough

    JacobJacobHace un mes
    • @Ryan Leary exactly

      foxclan_ officalfoxclan_ officalHace 18 días
    • Deserved more mainstream radio recognition like Blinding Lights & Save Your Tears

      Ryan LearyRyan LearyHace 18 días
    • @foxclan_ offical as well as hardest to love

      ir isir isHace un mes
    • It’s extremely underrated

      foxclan_ officalfoxclan_ officalHace un mes
    • It’s a top 2 song of his for me honestly

      Miles ShirleyMiles ShirleyHace un mes
  • To think that the gramms not only disrespected The Weeknd, but Bernie Taupin and Elton John... The audacity.

    Gabriela SélavyGabriela SélavyHace un mes
  • Su voz es droga dura 💗

    SarahSarahHace un mes
  • I wonder if he has multiple of the same outfit or if he just has the one outfit he wears and (I hope) he washes and he reuses it

    DeimosDeimosHace un mes
    • He has 15 of these suits.

      Julie EndrigkeitJulie EndrigkeitHace un mes
  • So...perfect

    SabrinaSabrinaHace un mes

    Ph HuynhPh HuynhHace un mes
  • Each song oh the album is a masterpiece

    Ph HuynhPh HuynhHace un mes
  • Dude can sing.

    Eric JacobsEric JacobsHace un mes
  • Only Abel can make the live performance more interesting than the recorded version.

    Nandeesh TharanibalanNandeesh TharanibalanHace un mes
  • [Verse 1] When I saw the signs, I shoulda let you go (Yeah, yeah) But I kept you beside me And if I held you back, at least I held you close (Yeah) Should have known you were lonely [Pre-Chorus] I know things will never be the same Time we lost will never be replaced I'm the reason you forgot to love [Chorus] So don't be scared to live again Be scared to live again No, don't be scared to live again Be scared to live again [Verse 2] You always miss the chance to fall for someone else (Uh, uh) 'Cause your heart only knows me They try to win your love, but there was nothing left (Uh) They just made you feel lonely (Hey) [Pre-Chorus] I am not the man I used to be Did some things I couldn't let you see Refuse to be the one who taints your heart [Chorus] So don't be scared to live again Be scared to live again No, don't be scared to live again Be scared to live again (Hey) [Post-Chorus] I hope you know that, I hope you know that I've been praying that you find yourself I hope you know that, I hope you know that We fell apart, right from the start [Bridge] I should have made you my only When it's said and done [Chorus] So don't be scared to live again Be scared to live again I said don't be scared to live again Be scared to live again (Oh) [Post-Chorus] I hope you know that, I hope you know that I've been praying that you find yourself I hope you know that, I hope you know that We fell apart, right from the start You're welcome 👍

    SykoSykoHace un mes
  • Haters of superbowl watch this

    advik chhalaniadvik chhalaniHace un mes
  • Looking his worst but singing one of his best 🤩

    Sof 28Sof 28Hace un mes
  • I'm obsessed with Abel. And his musical art.

    Starlight Readings TarotStarlight Readings TarotHace un mes
  • What's up with his nose?

    Whatsgoingone RWhatsgoingone RHace un mes
    • Just a make up. It's the album's persona

      Brian HaroldBrian HaroldHace un mes
  • I love Abel

    brcdbrcdHace un mes
    • @brcd i did it 2

      StuntXOStuntXOHace 16 días

      brcdbrcdHace un mes
  • The Weeknd pls can you do the music video of this song 🥺

    Benjamin DanielBenjamin DanielHace un mes
  • The Weeknd brought me here

    Jr25360Jr25360Hace 2 meses