TOp 25 馃尫馃尭 Oh mY GoD, i tHiNk I'm DyiNg MemE 馃尫馃尭 Meme || [Ep.1] 馃憫 gAcHa LiFe & GaChA cLuB鉁旓笍鉂わ笍

5 abr 2021
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TOp 25馃尮馃尲 Oh mY GoD, i tHiNk I'm DyiNg MemE 馃尲馃尮Meme || [Ep.1] 馃憫 gAcHa LiFe & GaChA cLuB鉁旓笍鉂わ笍
W A T C H I N G ! !
S U B S C R I B E F O R M O R E :D

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#Gacha life

  • Hi love your videos btw I am new and please can I have a shout out 馃槂

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    • @Aria K it none of your business

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  • OmG I tHiNk Im DyInG

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  • 1:33

    The Masked Master Gacha and Games channelThe Masked Master Gacha and Games channelHace un hora
  • No one being mean to acquisitor master

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  • That 1 percent that lila has is for loving herself

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  • there's so many ads -_-

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  • 8:52 wut-

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  • oh my god I THINK IM DYING!

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  • 8:48 Wow u really got em anger issues :/

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  • 6:39 wow mari uhm why u smirking? Hmmm

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  • XD

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  • Ayyyy the 2nd one is from may are my tv :D

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  • Can I ask a question, what app do you use for editing ur videos?

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  • Comment if u have ever gotten angry that u wanted to kill someone and what did u do

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  • the mha ones hit most

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  • that uraraka one nahhH NO

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  • Im 50 percent eviland 50 percent kind

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  • Im new to this chanel

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  • i'm devil

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  • if this was a test id fail it

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  • 7:06 good detail that it's piggy's avatars, i love it!

    Juli谩n BoscoJuli谩n BoscoHace 15 horas
  • Why did I think it's 'omg I think I'm alive'

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  • i guess people dont care about Jesus anymore

    XxLCsistersxX :3XxLCsistersxX :3Hace 17 horas

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  • 7:41

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  • Im propably gonna get banned from comments

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  • First I thought it was "OMG I THINK I LOVE HIM" and then on the 8th one I realized it was "OMG I THINK IM DYING" I was like Ohhhhh that's why they all Fall their life Is dead oh and it's Omg I think im dying Lie Not Believed Omg I think im dying Lie Not Believed Omg I think im dying True Not Believed but when see they fell their heart "This is all fake Right Right Nooo!!! PLZ I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU!

    Michael PlayzMichael PlayzHace 18 horas
  • How many subs can I get from this comment Current 145

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  • when i saw the tumbnail i thought that was prince zuko for a sec-

  • 1000000000000000

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  • not trying to be rude but since YoU pUt EvErYtHiNg LiKe ThIs your name should be M i O k A y

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  • the first is dumb

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  • 0:40 when you enter hell/heaven oH my god I think I鈥檓 dying

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  • 0:20 I mean she's a stalker

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  • :Kajal

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  • falls down* Them OH MY GOD SHE DIED *Me*I just tripped the hell

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  • When you go to hell you just get tortured you don鈥檛 turn into demon

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  • 馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋

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  • God is a woman

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  • U cant die in heaven

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  • 9:48 - 10:06 MY HERO ACADEMIA?!?!

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  • You know what I find funny in one sentence he said u mean and in the same sentence you made

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  • 2:14

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  • I dont like gacha but the second one got me.

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  • 8:08 That made me cry but the real version made me cry even worse 馃ズ

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  • ITS NOT TO LATE TO TURN BACK !! 鉁濓笍 GOD WILL FORGIVE YOU FOR ALL YOUR SINS JUST PLEASE SPREAD THE GOSPEL HAVE FAITH PRAY READ THE BIBLE AND NOBODY IS PERFECT鉁濓笍!PRAY THIS :dear god..please forgive me for all my sins i believe Jesus Christ died on the cross for me and role to the dead three days after . CAN I GET A AMEN!?鉁濓笍

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  • ByE bYe LiLa 鉁

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  • Me when my mom comes:closes my iPad sits on the chair opens up the bible starts reading Me Whalen my mom is gone:IPAD IPAD IPAD IPAD IPAD...

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  • i dont understand why people wait for the epic music

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  • why does this remind me of the time i was pressured and forced into helping someone with doing a prank of them being suicidial and I tried to stop it so many times but they kept pressuring me and I ended up loosing my best friend. A H A

    CyveaCyveaHace un d铆a
  • Put some effort on your vid and don鈥檛 steal other video,stop making top 10 video and u just make money from stole other ppl work...it鈥檚 a annoying so much

    ItsMrsShadowyItsMrsShadowyHace un d铆a
    • @SuperMarioDJ which means screen recording/downloaded someone elses videos and puting it into a stack of dozen other videos he downloaded/screen recorded and making it into a complitation which just takes like 15 mins then suddenly they get over 3m views ._.

      ameliq vfxameliq vfxHace 8 horas
    • @SuperMarioDJ true

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    • Then get out hes just showing other videos so shut up.

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  • OMG

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  • So the logic is the most abused is the fallen angel?

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  • all of theses are so edgy lol its like MOPNG SHES A GOOD PERSON lol

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  • I like the MLB

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  • Omg i think im living 馃槓

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  • They is firts is amenginzg

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  • Lol wut was that

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  • Gorl: sup i wanna go heaven :v Gorl: bruh, am going straigh to hell

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  • Marinette doesn鈥檛 have like 鈥100% gOod鈥 she can sometimes be mean yknow xd

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  • 2:15

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  • What is the point of oMG I鈥檓 really dieting in the angle thingy?

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  • 0:24 LOL

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  • Okay so )--( Guess what the face is

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  • It sounds like rlly in stead of I think

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  • 2: the girl wearing demon but she went to heaven

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  • 7:10 Dude: 35% good Angel: Heaven you shall go Me: -calls god and tells him that the angel let him go to heaven and he had 35% of good God: replaces the angel

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  • 1:45 that's why you shouldn't joke about serious things, maybe one day it will happen to you, and your friends will think your joking because you did a prank about dying in the past.

    瑟岽涐储_岽娽磤纱岽 銈瑟岽涐储_岽娽磤纱岽 銈Hace un d铆a
  • moral of the story: dont be like that time a boy was looking after the sheep and he cried "wolf" 50 times.

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  • So this trend is basically just 'The boy who called wolf'?

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  • 137

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  • I love how you steal things.

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  • 3:16 i dont liek wher dis is going

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  • Don鈥檛 joke about dieing

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  • mother god senses are tinggleing lol

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  • im a huge fan can i get a shout out?? im also new T>T lol

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  • Has anyone thought that in the villains perspective they were good guys and satan is an angel and the angel is the devil

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  • excuse me may i ask what its saying 6:14 into the vid?

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  • Mayictor

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  • 8:16 kimetsu no yaiba

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  • when i says 100 me be like: but.. but... thats not possible....

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  • 0:43 Oh my gawd I'm fuking dying

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  • :( f por lo que mueren =_=

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  • Subscribe to may are my tv

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