FC Barcelona 2010/2011 - Possession/TikiTaka/Goals

4 nov 2018
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  • Vai Corinthians

    Luiz Fernando Oliveira NascimentoLuiz Fernando Oliveira NascimentoHace 4 horas
  • they cracked barca code. you can see gaps in this plays. in recent matches, opponents are filling gaps with numbers.

    the spaniard_10the spaniard_10Hace 13 horas
  • barca made football beautiful at that time,,,nowadays only match result matters,,,not the whole match😥

    Mahmud HossainMahmud HossainHace 15 horas
  • It's incredible to see how Dani Alves was important to this team.

    Darren WinnerDarren WinnerHace 18 horas
  • The dream team

    S&S Slots OrdersS&S Slots OrdersHace un día
  • this video shows how important and how much xavi and iniesta where better than any other mid fielder in that era, you can see how quickly players used to pass to eachother and how much off the ball moment was there in the team, no player kept the ball at his feet for more than 3seconds most of the times, only forwards who didnt have any passing options and had to dribble there way through defense where allowed to keep the ball at his fit for more than 3 seconds

    Yash PrabhuYash PrabhuHace un día
  • 29:04 😱🙌

    אדון יוטיובאדון יוטיובHace 2 días
  • How we miss you Xavi Hernández 🙌😞

    Hudson WhitakerHudson WhitakerHace 2 días
  • We never appreciated how good we use to play

    Julia PlateroJulia PlateroHace 2 días
  • I am 33.. I've never seen better team.. Maybe there was but in my lifetime this team was the best far away

    Atakan YardibiAtakan YardibiHace 2 días
  • im very miss this barca:(

    Moehammad AdriansyahMoehammad AdriansyahHace 3 días
  • woa 😯😯

    danh vô bụi đờidanh vô bụi đờiHace 3 días
  • Let’s be honest this is how we all play FIFA lol

    Mr BruhMr BruhHace 4 días
  • When barca could play without relying only on messi. Messi was just a bonus above the good playing style

    deez1 nutz1deez1 nutz1Hace 4 días
  • Take the ball Pass the ball Take the ball Pass the ball Take the ball Pass the ball Take the ball Pass the ball Messi Messi Messi Gol gol goallll

    Aditya RautAditya RautHace 4 días
  • Am I the only one who feels there are no “godlike” players left today except for Messi Ronaldo and maybe Mbappe? Like teams before has godlike teams, this Barca, Manchester United, Chelsea, Real, Inter, Milan etc. now there’s barely any teams with more than 3-5 really good players. It’s sad to see.

    ThePemudalopeThePemudalopeHace 5 días
  • 10 years ago, this was barca! 10 years later, the current barca is trash!!!!

    1990Thunderbolt1990ThunderboltHace 5 días
  • Yang merasa orang indo like

    Adel LiaAdel LiaHace 6 días
  • Hala Madrid💪

    Fakhrull RadziFakhrull RadziHace 6 días
  • It's incredible to see how Dani Alves was important to this team.

    Shota TorShota TorHace 7 días
  • God I miss them so much bros

    PHPPPHPPHace 8 días
  • Its like watching footbal' from the future . To imagine that this already happened and we might not see it again is incredible. If this team played today or 10 yrs from now they would still dominate. It was that good

    Joe KamauJoe KamauHace 8 días
  • Con xavi y iniesta ay madre mia

    anup hulyalkaranup hulyalkarHace 8 días
  • Everyone is moving everywhere! This is why messi can't perform with Argentina.

    fakrul hakimifakrul hakimiHace 9 días
  • Personally the best football squad I have ever seen play

    Kareem LawsonKareem LawsonHace 10 días
  • FC Barcelona 2010/2011 was the strongest team in the history of football

    paragate1paragate1Hace 10 días
  • Then comes the TikTok

    李四李四Hace 10 días
  • Art

    songohan511songohan511Hace 11 días
  • It never gets better than this, Never. And i was allowed to experience this(L)

    Daan MeijerinkDaan MeijerinkHace 11 días
  • I can't watch this, its so nostalgic to see how Barça was untouchable man I miss those days

    Esteban GarciaEsteban GarciaHace 11 días
  • the best team of the history, barcelona 2009-2011

    tomas santistomas santisHace 11 días
  • Still missing Iniesta and Xavi at Barca :(

    Omair SheikhOmair SheikhHace 12 días
  • As a RMA fan, this is so beautiful. They make it look too easy

    jonathan santillanojonathan santillanoHace 12 días
  • Wow

    giuseppe accursogiuseppe accursoHace 12 días
  • 😥we want this barca back 😥

  • Bruh the first goal was lucky at the end... the build up was incredible but the goal would’ve not been scored without a slice of luck

    Ⲓⲉϣⲩⲁ Ⲏϣⲉⲣ ܝܫܘܥ ܡܫܝܚܐ ܝܚܝܐܠⲒⲉϣⲩⲁ Ⲏϣⲉⲣ ܝܫܘܥ ܡܫܝܚܐ ܝܚܝܐܠHace 12 días
  • Miss You Barcelona Old

    TJMS TVTJMS TVHace 13 días
  • Crazy this is how they used to play game in and game out. Simply put - poetry in motion.

    Santiago Campos-LopezSantiago Campos-LopezHace 14 días
  • One of, if not THE best, football teams of all time.

    theRobinBrowntheRobinBrownHace 14 días
  • They just played mind games with the opponent to make them do whatever they want look at 7:00 they knew Dani alves is getting the ball but just xavi’s feint made the whole play slow down perfectly for the pass to be made

    Xx KingXx KingHace 14 días
  • Here when defenders had to defend Messi, iniesta, xavi, Dani alves, villa and Pedro’s deadly sneaks, these days, only Bayern are a team like that were every player is a threat

    Xx KingXx KingHace 14 días
  • Comentarios en Español? El Barça de ese tiempo no es ni la mitad de lo que es ahora

    Alvarou PrZAlvarou PrZHace 14 días
  • 29:03 That vision from Messi :O

    Michał TeszniMichał TeszniHace 15 días
  • It's incredible to see how Dani Alves was important to this team.

    Tobiah WiersteinerTobiah WiersteinerHace 16 días
  • Mucha posesion pero luego te meten 8

    MIND UMIND UHace 16 días
  • i'm Real Madrid Fan but this Barcelona was one of the best team of all time !

    Vinicius MoreiraVinicius MoreiraHace 16 días
  • Beautiful

    China Number 1China Number 1Hace 17 días
  • This was an amazi amazing Barcelona,coach, players and their tiki taka always beating reali madrid making them look like a second tier league team, impressive to watch

    PSAlM KARISPSAlM KARISHace 17 días
  • So satisfying. One of the best 40 mins of your life you can spend

    diaz romariodiaz romarioHace 18 días
  • tiki taka? jajajaja lo llamaron asi por no decir cruyffismo.

    paolo ikerpaolo ikerHace 18 días
  • this team, this season 2010/11, this barca, they were the best ever

    Zoal CuleZoal CuleHace 18 días
  • I love barca

    Alex danil DanAlex danil DanHace 18 días
  • That was the best team and playing style that i've ever seen before and after

    Omar DaoudiOmar DaoudiHace 18 días
  • El mejor equipo que pude ver en un terreno de juego.. Increíble forma de jugar con una plantilla excepcional, daba gusto verlos

    Juan Pablo Bedoya EstradaJuan Pablo Bedoya EstradaHace 19 días
  • I'm not a Barca fan but I respect them. Great/Legendary club

    Jean Carlos BerasgoicoJean Carlos BerasgoicoHace 20 días
  • So tiki taka is just them passing the ball and moving??? Every team did this

    Capz-999Capz-999Hace 22 días
    • Tiki Taka is just pointless passing. This Barcelona side played the purest form of positional play. Possibly the greatest team ever..

      Shmurda 2xShmurda 2xHace 13 días
  • It was just a joy watching 90 minutes of Barcelona

    Kimo BashaKimo BashaHace 23 días
  • Barcelona Win

    Matheus PradoMatheus PradoHace 24 días
  • Gonna be extremely difficult to get such a team back together. From Valdés with Puyol, Xavi, Don Andrés, Busi, Alves, Alba and the GOAT Messi. All Masía. Happens once every 100 years

    Victor PGVictor PGHace 24 días
  • Everybody talks about Messi. The haters say without iniesta or xavi.. nobody talks about Don Carles Puyol and Don Sergio Busquets. Víctor Valdés was nearly as good as casillas.

    Victor PGVictor PGHace 24 días
  • 12th la liga :D :P

    Prototype 8144Prototype 8144Hace 24 días
  • This team was the team great enough to be mentioned by Legendary Sir Alex Ferguson in his biography as the greatest team he ever faced.

    Pratik FulePratik FuleHace 25 días
  • in thailand instead of going out i watched "all barcelona goals" in tv when i was about more than years old

    Thaison Barcellos FredaThaison Barcellos FredaHace 25 días
  • Easily the greatest team in history. It is a shame that we don't have a team like that anymore.

    Legal IllegalLegal IllegalHace 25 días
  • When barca could play without relying only on messi. Messi was just a bonus above the good playing style

    Levi HodgeLevi HodgeHace 25 días
  • חוטיעא

    יצחק מאיר וחנה יעבץיצחק מאיר וחנה יעבץHace 26 días
  • huiiiuiu

    santosh naiksantosh naikHace 27 días
  • No matter what they do.. Its not easy to penetrate real madrid's defense..

    toqeer nasirtoqeer nasirHace 27 días
  • Procurem o Google tradutor pra ler isoo!!

    Clesio JrClesio JrHace 29 días
  • E o melhor time que já existiu hj em dia tá um lixo

    Clesio JrClesio JrHace 29 días
  • best team in the world in past

    syahid farhansyahid farhanHace un mes
  • Equipe unida, da nisso! Uns dos melhores times..

    DJ DN da 19DJ DN da 19Hace un mes
  • lucky enough to have witnessed this team play, the greatest team of all time imo, peps barca

    JusoJusoHace un mes
  • boring

    香港最大狗公香港最大狗公Hace un mes
  • I miss Tiki-taka. 😔😔

    Daniel LauDaniel LauHace un mes
  • Yo they are playing like pes

    Daniel TayengDaniel TayengHace un mes
  • I want to go back to this era. 😢

    top ontop onHace un mes
  • saudade do meu barcelonaaaaaaaaaa

  • 12:14

    A shiokA shiokHace un mes
  • Who remember seri Scandals of Uefalona??? => Chelsea 2009, Inter 2010, Arsenal 2011, Real 2011, Milan 2012.

    Nhật ký Nhà Trọ VlogNhật ký Nhà Trọ VlogHace un mes
  • El barca es el mejor equipo de el mundo digan lo que digan Madrid segundón las copas de Europa estaban llenas de gafeeeeeeeee

    Moises GonzalezMoises GonzalezHace un mes
  • Desde muy niño he sido, soy y seré del Real Madrid. Aunque reconozco que Xavi Hernández y Andrés Iniesta, son los mejores futbolistas que ha dado España, Europa y el mundo. Lástima que no no les han dado nunca el balón de oro, lo tienen más que merecido. Mucho más que la cristiana ronalda. Porque son españoles, si no segurisimo que se lo habrían dado. Pero no les hace falta tenerlo para ser los más grandes genios de la historia.

    francisco de paulafrancisco de paulaHace un mes
  • Destroyed by chelsea in 2012...lol

    Harsh TripathiHarsh TripathiHace un mes
  • You guys realise this is FORTY minutes of highlights right? Incredible.

    Moses KalindaMoses KalindaHace un mes
  • Xavi was something else ❤️

    med kemelmed kemelHace un mes
  • You wonder why tiki taka doesnt suit us nowadays coz we don't have such players 😶

    mr.mystery 97mr.mystery 97Hace un mes
  • The midfielder legend Iniesta and xabi just incredible. Forza barca.

    Thor06 Thor064Thor06 Thor064Hace un mes
  • A falta q o Xavi e Iniesta e o Daniel Alves faz é gritante... Eles eram o motor do time. O Messi é um gênio, mais não pode decidir sempre. Não da pra entender pq o Barça abandonou esse esquema Tiki-Taki. Saudades 2020

    Djalma OliveiraDjalma OliveiraHace un mes
  • 26:02 29:00

    Ferdinand MikkoFerdinand MikkoHace un mes
  • My grandfather told me about Pele .and I told my son about Messi ..

    bigray basumatarybigray basumataryHace un mes
  • Ekremden gelenler

    Erdem KoçErdem KoçHace un mes
  • the worst form of football

    Preetham VeerannaPreetham VeerannaHace un mes
    • and what's the best then?

      Pavlos RousiamanisPavlos RousiamanisHace 15 días
  • i always knew christiano is gay..... 18:44 "valdes quite enjoyed wrappping his legs around christiano ronaldo after the ball had been toe-poked out of play" "certainly a risk he shouldnt be taking!"

    J MoneyJ MoneyHace un mes
  • It was great and all but tiki taka is dead not because of barca unable to play like that but other teams already know how to defeat it, but honestly it truly changes how defending operates.

    King FischerKing FischerHace un mes
  • I be studying this shit to help me in fifa 🤣

    Juan MorenoJuan MorenoHace un mes
    • If you like possession football, try PES.

      tuckingfypo tuckingfypotuckingfypo tuckingfypoHace un mes
  • Do you see how easy they make it look? Yet no team has managed to play like this since. Not even Peps teams. They were absolutely brilliant. Masters in their own art. I will never forget that 5-0 win over RM. Ive never seen a team in control like that. Also, great to see how Messi has developed from an extraordinary goalscorer into a players scoring 25 and assisting 20 a season. Such vision and intelligence. Unmatched.

    Harm van der WiltHarm van der WiltHace 2 meses
  • What a joy to watch again. Besides the excellent ball control by the entire team, what made this possible was constant movement. Barça always had an advantage in any area of the pitch, especially due to Xavi's brilliant movement and vision. It's like they were playing a man up all the time. Need an extra man building up from the back? Xavi's there. Need help in the midfield? Alves is pushed up and Messi has dropped back in the false 9 hole. Need help in attack? Alves and Xavi are there. Hoping one day we'll see a team again which excels at movement and ball control. Maybe when Xavi returns to coach at Barça.

    berkeleybernieberkeleybernieHace 2 meses
  • I just feel like crying when I watch this clips the best barca days which is a far cry from the mess that barca has become as a result of poor leadership.

    desmond achockydesmond achockyHace 2 meses
  • These years Barça is the most beautiful football ever played

    AviLOrkQAviLOrkQHace 2 meses
  • I just watched this with tears in my eyes. This is football . This is Barcelona. #forcabarca #mesquenclub

    Shubham PrabhakarShubham PrabhakarHace 2 meses