what if you create a wither in water

1 abr 2021
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so funny!

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  • omg full army of drowned

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  • Your Like Techno gamerz like views

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  • Nice rhymes

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  • @elestiahd ini idea yang paling bijak bisa dicuba bangg

    Eren YeagerEren YeagerHace 44 minutos
  • Drowned Party

    JessenLHJessenLHHace 47 minutos
  • steveee: *keeps on trying to put wither skull me: LOOOOOOLLLLL

    Nestor BumatayNestor BumatayHace un hora
  • those tridents man!!!!

    olamide balogunolamide balogunHace un hora
  • Me: TRAP it in the water

    Flying TempleFlying TempleHace un hora
  • next video: what if you create a wither in lava

    MedryMedryHace 2 horas
  • Too bee too tee be like

    Dr. Ben Dover - 6b6tDr. Ben Dover - 6b6tHace 2 horas

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  • I have tried this before any immortal was born...

    Rishan NehalRishan NehalHace 3 horas
  • poor drowned man, thinking that whiter wins

    No PIQUE AnônimoNo PIQUE AnônimoHace 5 horas
  • Try summon under the lava 🤣👍

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  • this is something i could never think of

    John Paul RufoJohn Paul RufoHace 5 horas
  • Finally, an interesting result

    Mango the BirbMango the BirbHace 6 horas
  • Wither wather

    No OneNo OneHace 6 horas
  • ты безумец офигевший взявший всех англичан с помощью магии алгоритмами Ютюба

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  • This music is so nostalgic

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  • Wait can you?

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  • Finally we found it... "Whater"

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  • Horrible, absolutely horrible... and fascinating

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  • That’s a nice under-wither

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  • 9M views in a week

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  • The YT algorithm loves you

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  • wither just looked at you and just said really niga

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  • *Creates a wither in water* *All Drowned in 500 block radius*: ALL HAIL THE THREE HEADED GOD!

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  • Living like larry

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  • Wait that's illegal 😂

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  • Brrrrr go brrrrr

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  • I can only say one thing LOL

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  • Aaaaaa [meme]

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  • *_Underwither._

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  • I remember when i try to drown a wither

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  • LOL

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  • now thats how you make a trident farm

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  • Ok🤕

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  • See you all in 4 years when this gets recommended.

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  • as a wise heavy from TF2 once said... “IS NOT POSSIBLE!”

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  • #minecraftlogic

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  • Drowned: "Protectors of the Sea"

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  • Ok

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  • holy shit finally someone who knows the F3+N key

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  • Let's be straight here you all could subscribe to him but you didn't

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  • lol

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  • Cool man

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  • 0:46 "why am I here, just to suffer"

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  • I think it’s adorable that the drowned start attacking it

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  • Guau Nice

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  • Minecraft latest Research:

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  • Bro just use THE WORLD

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  • Hold up, that’s illegal-

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  • When he has more subs then views on his top vid:

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    • @megadab Explain your lame joke, kid

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    • @Orchid White r/woosh

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    • Umm he has 8 million views.. he subs are just 8 lakhs

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  • How do you build the wither in 2021?

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  • Hola

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  • THIS GOT 8 MILLION WHAT??? i saw it when it has 200k views.

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  • Whiter in water is Whater

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  • Submarine that shoots torpedos

    VenomVenomHace un día
  • Do /summon_minecraft_ wtither

    aden arinez Arinezaden arinez ArinezHace un día
  • You can spawn wither on water in bedrock

  • What did you expect???

    Peter RasmussenPeter RasmussenHace un día
  • The wither's face be like: halp ;-;

    Kim xUKim xUHace un día
  • 8 M VIEW FOR THIS common english people is smark avouez les français

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  • Withering with you

    Shin_ VincentShin_ VincentHace un día
  • if you play like a pc to go setting and go to touch and on splite control

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  • No no no 😮😮😱😱

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  • minecraft players are evolving

    you're Lumine but Lu is silentyou're Lumine but Lu is silentHace un día
  • 0:20 that drowned is like "LET ME OUT!!"

    AJAJHace un día
  • Почти девять Лямов за неделю,ЖЕСТЬ!!!

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  • He be like:ugh u son of a bch!

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  • O_O

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  • How to make a submarine 100% working in minecraft (Not Clickbait)

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  • If the wither is on melee mode, he will be unstoppable underwater and kill every thing there, is it right or wrong. Test it yourselves

    -R3M1XZ3R XD--R3M1XZ3R XD-Hace un día
  • Ladies and gentlemen: meet your new dream

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  • Impotent wither

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  • yes

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  • lol i like how the drowned screamed when the wither spawned!

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  • Drowned was friend from enemy

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  • I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13 JESUS IS COMING BACK TURN TO HIM ITS NOT TOO LATE, GOD LOVES YOU❤️

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  • So how come you’re able to have trapdoors and fences underwater, but not heads?

    Coosa RiderCoosa RiderHace un día
  • U are trying to put sand into water dud ._.

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  • Road to 1m

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  • steve take brea k?11

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  • Hi

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  • This is giving me subnautica vibes

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  • Drowned: *dies* The other Drowned: Avenge Tobi!

    Prince IcarusPrince IcarusHace un día
  • Alternative title: abusing the withers projectiles to make the bedrock wither like javas

    SuperLiteYTSuperLiteYTHace un día
  • Quick answer yes short answer no

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  • 0:48 me and the boys seeing momma with cookie’s be like:

    hammodi your budhammodi your budHace un día
  • He is like what have you done to me

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  • wow i didn’t know wither’s can swim

    kayley chenkayley chenHace un día
  • the wither: *Hello how are you am under the water*

    Arthur MorganArthur MorganHace un día
  • He's lost, help him lol

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  • error rueuvoo ruruv kvooki u dudue

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  • 12:12

    iñaki Martíneziñaki MartínezHace un día
  • I like how the drowned just start jumping the wither

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  • Hello guys 😊 love you Minecraft

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  • *underwater L'manburg has started*

    Lama KidLama KidHace un día