Rare Moments With Female Referees

9 abr 2021
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Rare Moments With Female Referees
Watch in this video the funniest moments of female referees in football.
🎧: Syn Cole - Feel Good [NCS Release]
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  • 1:30 I love that she stood her ground

  • essas mulheres também quer abraçar o mundo com as coxas kkkkk isso não é pra mulher não viu

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  • Awesssome video 😍❤️... Lovely Song 🌼💖.. Last one refree is amazing & Two who propose each other was really good 👍👍👍.. like all clips💓🥰

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  • 3:46 to that moment

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  • I came for 3.33😍😍

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  • Todo el Respeto a un Árbitro y si es Mujer el doble de Respeto para ellas 😎🙏

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  • Last one is favourite👌

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  • who is the last ref whats her name?

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  • So unprofessional some of these female sports officials. Taken a selfie with a player right after giving him a yellow card. What a joke!

  • Females is very done hard work

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  • Damn, what a goddest! At the begining and at 3:30 hot as fire and a flirty too! Nice to see the guys being total gentlemans! I want referees like that in every game. No need to go to the club when you can hook up a hot referee in a game!

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  • 0:11 I don't understand what kind of doses he be taking

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  • There's when the soccer becomes sexy

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  • 2:51 Real couple?

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  • Part 2 Needed!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 0:00 La réferi mas hermosa de todas está en la LigaPro de Ecuador

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    • cual es?

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  • When the last refree entered, they played like gentlemen

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  • Denilson kkkkkkkk

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  • 1:54 olha a cara do Ribery velho bicho é feio de mais slk

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  • Last referee name is fernanda colombo

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  • 男女差別上等で言うけど女は審判せんほーがいい

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  • El headshot q le hicieron a la pobre

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  • Só ri das boladas na cara

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  • Kaka 🔥🔥🔥 Opponent reaction: oh come on woman 😂

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  • quieres un resultado honesto?? pon a una mujer de arbitro

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  • Futebol não foi feito pra mulheres 😏

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  • Ig de la ultima arbitra? Jajaja

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  • A unica coisa sem graça foi o neymar na capa do video.

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  • Vídeo denunciado. Miniatura enganosa.

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  • They don’t belong there. If you argue or yell at a phemail ref, is that assault?

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  • 0:54 الحاكمه اللى ادت ريكاردو كاكا أنذار وبعدين اخدت صوره سيلفى معه عسوله وكيوت اووى

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  • 3:08 La mejor parte del video.

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  • 0.14 is disgusting. you can't do that at work. no one will ever take you sriously

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  • Love the one taking a selfie with Kaka!

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  • 3:30 that referee was something else😍

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  • 3:40 very nice

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  • Denilson malandro 😅😅😂

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  • Momento de intro de trebor

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  • Bueno si se juzga desde el punto de vista de hacer payasadas está bien

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  • 3:30 ❤

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  • 3:12 Divinos los 2 árbitros enamorados.

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  • Que rico el besito mmm

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  • 1.20 what was that? 😂

  • I don’t understand how this is rare moments with “girl” refs the same thing happens to guys too, right?

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