Moneybagg Yo - GO! (with BIG 30) (Official Audio)

14 abr 2021
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That’s why it’s switches on my glee (p***y)
And we put bump stock 2-2-3 (p***y)

Charity I gave it to them people
You fucking with a certified speaker

Verse 1
Not you posed to be gangsta but salty bout the hoe (crazy)
How the fuck my artist bigger than yo CEO (blrrrd)
Why the hell she know I’m toxic but still fuck with me
It’s plentiful right now I’m still pouring on a pint of V
Prezi rolex emerald cut still ain’t seen a watch like this junt (nope)
All white guts bitch can’t sit in here on her time of the month (period)
Plain Jane shirt but it’s a stack cuz it say Saint Laurent (cost)
Choppas and my dollars up shootas hungry get gobbled up (get ate)
Stand-up guy won’t speak on nothing that I see or saw (shhhh)
Real weed soon as I snatch it it’s already bought (it’s gone)
Went to the right doctor her booty and her titties soft (she grown)
Condom in my pocket anxious I still fucked her raw
My pull out game weak (mane)
I pluck I tweak (f**k)
Red and white supreme ski
Eleven whips I go Kyrie (go)
Tryna steal the recipe you just a Bagg wanna be
Bipolar personality that’s why it’s switches on my glee

That’s why it’s switches on my glee (p***y)
And we put bump stock 2-2-3 (p***y)
Blrrrd Blrrrd Blrrrd
Flip a nigga street

Verse 2 - Big 30
Aye !
Now how the fuck you get some fame I been a opp
Them folks ain’t rocking witcha they watching till you get dropped
I keep clutching on this glock cuz these rocks popping out my watch
Ain’t nobody on yo block cuz I’m the one who scoped the drop
I’m the one who knocked up on yo door hit through there with that choppa
Bitch we no hospital gang nigga blessed if he see a doctor
It’s 220 on the dash bitch I just left a helicopter
It’s a pint up in this car twenty bo’s and a couple roxy’s
Aye I’m sliding with a thotty
I’m sliding with a nigga bitch
Just got the drop from the lil hoe
Stop thinking wit ya dick
Po’d a trey of wocky in a Fanta they thought it was trist
Hoe this 600 worth of drank this shit thicker than grits

Give it to em, I gave it to em
Said you know I did it I gave it to em
Charity done gave it to them people
You fucking with a certified sweaper
#MoneybaggYo​​ #BIG30 #GO #AGangstasPain​​
Music video by Moneybagg Yo, BIG30 performing GO! (Audio). © 2021 N-Less Entertainment/Interscope Records

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