Hamster Escapes from the Minecraft Prison Maze

27 mar 2021
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The hamster's name is Popcorn. He is the son of Marshmallow. He really likes Minecraft and mazes.

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  • Little idea: put treats and royals along the way to encourage him! Also little side note: you should probably put some water after a few of the stages just so u won’t get thirsty 💛

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  • Am I the only one that thinks this is mean to the hamster? It could get hurt

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  • Do mazes hurt hamsters? They look pretty scared :(

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  • Yeah you’re right

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  • Stop torturing the hamster

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  • I have a dog and hamster that go realy good together

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    • This is not good for the hamster. Grammar.

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  • This is torture,your fucking putting them in a homemade maze and “playing” to get out,fucking sadistic.

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    • You know it’s torture when it’s coming from anime Adolfo hitler

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  • I have always been wondering whats in this hamsters mind. And btw love da vid :3

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    • I have been in this game called Cares pandooocot

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  • Poxa o cara teve que derrubar o Steve pra poder sair

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