Pool maze for cute Hamster - playground for pets in real life

20 mar 2021
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My funny pet hamster in pool maze and in attractions park has lot's of adventures. He enjoys carousel, scenic railway. Best of all cute animal loves water slide and the swimming pool!
The Cutest Hamster In The World is a talanted sportspet - he knocked down all the pins on the first roll! After that our brave pet visited the Room of fear where there live dragon and spider!
At the end of his way clever little hamster has fun in pirate ship theme park.
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  • This is a bit hard for a hamster though

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  • 😍👍OMG...The maze is so creative and beautiful ... He certainly spent a lot of time and meticulousness creating this maze model.

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  • 💕💙🤩Incredible!! Hamster is very beautiful and intelligent, his work was Incredible. Congratulations. 👏👏I just posted a video of a Labyrinth Pyramid with my hamsters on my Channel.

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  • cute video :) The obstacles are interesting, and the hamster seems to have appreciated🐹🙈🥰. ‼️I was making an obstacle course for my hamster, and he did a great job, although it wasn't easy😱🙈❤️

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