T.h.e W.e.e.k.n.d Full Album - T.h.e W.e.e.k.n.d Mix After Hours Album

7 feb 2021
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T.H.E.W.E.E.K.N.D - Kiss land full album 2021
T.h.e W.e.e.k.n.d Full Album - T.h.e W.e.e.k.n.d Mix After Hours Album
T.h.e W.e.e.k.n.d Full Album - T.h.e W.e.e.k.n.d Mix After Hours Album

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    US MusicUS MusicHace 6 días
  • my mom dance and T.H.E.W.E.K.N.D

    Rafael Jose Quintana MoraRafael Jose Quintana MoraHace 5 horas
  • Infinite Vibes...Infinite Love.

    mo mootjemo mootjeHace 7 horas
  • We bonded with the same blood and root (From the land of origin - Ethiopia). Abel, the incredible singer with amazing voice, gifted writer, kind, and pure-hearted. You are always my favorite, bro

    SolSolHace 15 horas
  • The best songs in many decades And from one singer so many Weeknd is king of his generation

    Ms sMs sHace 22 horas
  • I am in love with him and his music

    Petra ChaudharyPetra ChaudharyHace un día
  • Play this album in my Mercedes on the way to work, roof open,sun in, breeze blowing. The way to go!

    Jan HunterJan HunterHace un día
  • 0:01

    sh lsh lHace un día
  • Talented artist with a some of the best songs of 2020

    Loc TrangLoc TrangHace un día
  • Que pegajosas🤗una vez la escuchas 🎧no puedes dejar de escuchar una y otra vez me encanta!!😍👏👏

    Nani YopNani YopHace un día
  • The Weeknd, he is my favorite artist, amazing vocalist, i have all his CD, never get sick of his beautiful music!!!👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️

    Alice MillerAlice MillerHace un día
  • you 3am call muisc

    Kobi McdougallKobi McdougallHace un día
  • sad ok lpene cool music

    Kobi McdougallKobi McdougallHace un día
  • "In your tears".. ??

    SekskantetjulenisseSekskantetjulenisseHace un día
  • Всем привет 🇷🇺

    Bachelor 2021Bachelor 2021Hace un día
  • esworld.info/do/iZ6kinZkrKHSipo/v-deo.html


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  • FABULOSO😎❤❤❤💕💕👌

    Jeannettte SanhuezaJeannettte SanhuezaHace un día
  • I love weekend so much❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Katya DasilvaKatya DasilvaHace un día
  • Theweeknd The noise unreleased Full album | Best songs playlist esworld.info/do/kqKrl12AqaPMjK8/v-deo.html

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  • Nice

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  • Absolutely love his voice

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  • God will help the one who is reading this now.

    musicmusicHace 2 días
  • my favorites are after hours and save your tears

    Juanita CobosJuanita CobosHace 2 días
  • I listen to this every morning . Brings back many memories and tiers to my eyes.❤️

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  • Esas canciones me traen recuerdos❤

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  • sooo 80's

    Peaceful CanadianPeaceful CanadianHace 3 días
  • The best voice in this moment!!!!!!

    ninel duduianuninel duduianuHace 3 días
    • OFC!

      SilverNxtureSilverNxtureHace 18 horas
  • Save your tears, Blinding lights, In your eyes, and Heartless are my favorite I can listen to these ones for hours in a row

    Pussy DestroyerPussy DestroyerHace 3 días
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  • I found it...I love it...this is an amazing music 🥰

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  • Bonito mix exelente

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  • I'll save my tears for you, Abel.

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  • Он гений! Чувак, ты можешь! From Russia. Respect!

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  • I don't know why you put T.H.E W.E.E.K.N.D and not THE WEEKND, can you tell me please?

  • Mela se mas omenos

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  • 🌞

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  • In your tears

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  • I love you xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

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  • great songs, no doubt about than. i like to listen to them to relax after work.

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  • in your eyes you can see that you adore this track this track yeah

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  • Best Songs 00:00 Save Your tears 3:33 Blinding lights 6:48 In your eyes 10:40 After hours 20:33 Heartless 26:46 Snowchild 30:45 Faith

    Muthu kumarMuthu kumarHace 5 días
  • the weekend saved me,,,,,,,,

    Lion of ReasonLion of ReasonHace 5 días
  • in your tears.

    Peter TranPeter TranHace 5 días
  • 👑👑👑

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  • J'adore c'est musique

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  • Hey man, it's not in your tears... it's in your eyes...correct it:)

    Vedant TejasVedant TejasHace 6 días

    Vedant TejasVedant TejasHace 6 días
  • he is MJ

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  • Esta musica me recuerda mucho a la de los 80s es magnifica.

    Guadalupe PérezGuadalupe PérezHace 8 días
  • Фантастическая музыка!Под одну из песен этого крутого парня мы с женой танцевали первый танец на свадьбе).Прошло много лет а каждая новая песня лучше другой!

    Hungry ManiacHungry ManiacHace 8 días
    • Это просто грим,весь альбом и клипы в такой манере.Сам артист в полном порядке.

      Hungry ManiacHungry ManiacHace 3 días
    • @Патриция Да, это грим, не беспокойтесь)

      Андрей МятухинАндрей МятухинHace 4 días
    • @Михаил Ворнаков грим? - а я думала это операции красоты

      ПатрицияПатрицияHace 4 días
    • @Патриция с чего вы взяли? это грим , если вы про лицо

      Михаил ВорнаковМихаил ВорнаковHace 4 días
    • жаль... что этот парень себя изуродовал

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    Norte Cargo aviação virtualNorte Cargo aviação virtualHace 8 días
    • Concordo plenamente bom demais ♥️

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  • Scared to live *****

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  • Faith ******** very good lover 10

    teresita páramoteresita páramoHace 8 días
  • Hardest to love ****** lover 10 ****

    teresita páramoteresita páramoHace 8 días
  • 00:00 Save Your Tears 3:33 Blinding Lights 6:48 In Your Eyes 10:40 After Hours 16:28 Alone Again 20:33 Heartless 23:47 Hardest to Love 26:46 Snowchild 30:45 Faith 35:13 Repeat After Me 38:23 Scared To Live 41:29 Too Late 45:23 Escape From LA 51:21 Until i Blees Out

    Melissa Romero SunsinMelissa Romero SunsinHace 8 días
  • Ele é o melhor!!!! Sou apaixonada!!!

    Liani AndiniLiani AndiniHace 8 días